Thing #3

Loved the Lee video. I've seen them before for other topics. What a fun job! Anyways . . . set up a Google Reader account and subscribed to one blog using the copy and paste method. I looked at some of the other suggested ones but nothing looked appropriate right now. So instead over the next week or two I'll add a few as I run across others that look interesting.

I understand better why one would want to use RSS. I understood before watching the video how they worked, etc. but Lee is so clear and simple in his instruction that it's more obvious now why I should set one up.

The things that still puzzle me are it's still one more thing to check - I need to go to the Reader site/link to see what's been added. And I thought you were able to filter the feeds so you could limit the information coming in but I don't see the ability to do this anywhere.

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