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Just watched the video. I agreed with him on so much. While I understand much of the 23 things I've never actually done all of them so learning about them by experiencing and doing them I'll be better able to work with my peers and others because I'll have the actual experience under my belt. As he mentioned, I too am struggling to find time to do the things. I don't have 15 minutes a day to work on this (or exercise either!) but am trying to sneak in about 30 minutes a week. Hopefully I can do more over spring break. My professional responsibilities and young children take priority.

I read the blyberg article and didn't relate to it too much. Seemed to focus more on public libraries. I didn't realize, though, that there was such a controversy about L2.

Also read the article. I agree fully with the opening paragraphs statements about trust the need to feel supported by those above you. Sooo true in any organization! The rest of the article was interesting but again focused more on public libraries or secondary school libraries. But, I could always set up a blog, etc. in my elementary library for students to use. Something to think about.

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I agree that it seems like a public library argument. They seem focused more on staffing and policy issues that really aren't an issue somehere like OE, GC or ISD 279.