Thing #7

*Read through the email productivity hints and didn't really pick up anything different I could do.
*Didn't realize so much had changed with IM. I'd had it set up years ago with AOL and used to IM neices, etc. but haven't done it for ages. There are so many more features now. Couldn't get the two How it Works videos to work and didn't have time to search for them. Did watch the YouTube librarians IM video. I can see this totally at the high school or college level.
*Text messaging. Watched the video. Hard to hear them. I've disabled this on my cell phone because of the expense. I understand it and may enable it when the kids are older but it's a luxury now. Probably won't use it at school.
*I've participated in web conferences in the past through work. It's pretty amazing technology. I tried to schedule something this year for a classroom teacher but the place we were going to work with was booked up for the year. Try again next year! No time to go back to view a webinar that is schedule but I get it.
*Twitter looks cute. So much fun stuff out there . . . so little time:-)

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mike99mack said...

I agree with your last sentence here. I could spend days playing around with the stuff on thing #7 alone! I'm feeling like I will never make it through all 23 Things. - Mike