Thing #8

I took a look at all the suggested sites except the database examples. They just sat there and didn't go to the pages so I gave up. I will let our probationary teachers who will be losing their jobs know about the state site-that looked like a cool thing. I loved the picture making sites. Check out the cube below. I need to get some more pictures. I tried to load it on to our school website and it worked like a charm. I didn't like that it listed the name right below the cube but it was cool to see the cube. I may use it in the future on our home page. I also liked the online slideshow. I'll recommend that to staff and students in the future. I liked the last one the best. It seemed the strongest. I found the picture website very easy to make the cube. Fun one.


Ann WS said...

Hope you plan on keeping on with the Things!

jaleraas said...

Whoo-hoo! Love the cube.